New Childcare Benefit for Summer 2020 Required On-Campus Personnel

The new benefit provides up to $3,000 to help address the urgent problems faced by some of our employees who are required to work on campus during the summer, when conventional childcare solutions are under particular stress. This is a limited duration program that will expire at the end of August 2020. The program does not require the use of any particular form of childcare. Its intent is to give eligible employees flexibility to find the solution that comes closest to meeting their particular needs. The benefit is per household; there is no doubling where two employees share responsibility for the care of one or more children in a single household. The benefit will be scaled to reflect the time that the employee is required to be on campus between July 1 and August 31. It will be paid as compensation via payroll and subject to withholding. (The benefit may be deductible, in whole or in part, depending on income and other qualifications. Recipients should contact their tax advisers.)


Recipients must be:

  1. an officer (whether of instruction, research, administration, or the library, and includes post-doctoral fellows), member of the non-union support staff, or graduate student on research appointment, 
  2. expressly identified by the applicable school, institute or department as someone required to work on campus in July and August to carry out responsibilities that can only be performed on campus (i.e., not capable of being done remotely), and 
  3. able to attest that they are having difficulty meeting the obligation to work on campus because of the responsibility of caring for a child (or children) aged 12 or younger.


Recipients should complete the application form and submit the signed and completed application to your school, institute or department HR Office, including the attestation, and indicating the percentage of support needed, up to the maximum of $3,000. All such childcare support must be used prior to the expiration of the program on August 31, 2020. If approved by the school, institute or department, the application is to be submitted to CUHR for final review and approval.

Application Deadline: All applications must be received by your school/institute/department no later than Friday, September 4, 2020