Columbia Together

We have the strength and heart of a lion.

The Columbia University community has weathered many crises over our 266-year history. We are making our way through the COVID-19 pandemic more determined and united than ever before.

Because we are #ColumbiaTogether.

We hope you continue to join us in sharing images of work life now, giving thanks to colleagues, and using the hashtag on your personal social media accounts. We're also posting longer stories of life during COVID-19.


In support of the Columbia University Archives Documenting COVID-19 at Columbia project, CUHR invites all employees to contribute a story. All stories will be posted to this page and join the archive. 

  • Have you learned something about yourself or your community during this crisis?
  • Have you created something new or solved a problem? 
  • Has a long-held belief been challenged? 

Your story can be long or short, text or video. It can be serious or make us laugh, or both. It can be about someone else. Whatever matters to you now is interesting—now and in the future when COVID-19 is part of history. 

This is your story. We look forward to hearing it.


1. Story must be true (no fiction, please).

2. Write a paragraph, page, or as much as you wish; Make a video; Compose a poem; Express yourself in the form that’s best for you (and can be digitized). 

3. Speak from your heart.

Note: Stories published on the CUHR website will become part of the University Archives COVID-19 collection.

Thank you to Essential Workers