Compliance Training

Columbia University is committed to providing a learning, living and working environment free from unlawful discrimination, and to fostering a nurturing and vibrant environment for students. Compliance training courses for employees reinforce respect for the fundamental dignity and worth of everyone in our community.

Anti-Harassment, Discrimination and Title IX Training

The online training course Columbia University Anti-Harassment, Discrimination and Title IX Training was developed in accord with Columbia's Employee Policies and Procedures on Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence and Stalking.

The course is a requirement of employment for all new Officers of Administration and Support Staff.


Go to Columbia's Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action website for EOAA Policies and Procedures on discrimination, harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking.

Note: The training course Doing the Right Thing has been replaced. All new Officers of Administration and Support Staff are required to take the Columbia University Anti-Harassment, Discrimination and Title IX Training course.

Q: How long is the course?

  • A: The course takes about two hours to complete. You may stop and start as often as you like. We encourage taking the course in sections, as your schedule permits. The system will record where you left off. You must complete the course within 30 days of starting at Columbia.

Q: How will I know when I need to take the course?

Q: I am a supervisor. Do I take the same course as my staff?

  • A: Yes. There is one course for both supervisors and staff.

Q. Does the course have audio?

  • A.  Audio is used intermittently throughout. In sections without audio you will read text.

Q. I am visually and/or hearing impaired. Can I access the course?

  • A. Yes. Please use the Chrome/NVDA assistive technology.

Q. What are the system requirements?

  • A: To receive credit, you must use Internet Explorer version 11 (or higher) on a computer running Windows.

Q. How do I print a certificate of completion?

  • A. Once you complete the course:
    • Log into
    • Click on "My Learning Plan'
    • Click on the green circle representing your completed courses
    • Next to the course name, click on "Print Certificate"



Note: To access the Anti-Harassment, Discrimination and Title IX Training course, you must receive an email from Columbia University notifiying you that you are due to take the training.

Protection of Minors Training

Who should take the course?

  • Officers assigned by their supervisor
  • Other members of the University community who interact with, supervise, chaperone or otherwise oversee minors in programs and activities on campus and/or sponsored by the University.

If you suspect child abuse or maltreatment:

  • If a child is in immediate danger, call 911
  • Call the New York State Child Abuse & Maltreatment Hotline: 1-800-342-3720 (obtain name and ID number of representative) and
  • Call the University's Department of Public Safety: 212-854-5555 (Morningside), 212-853-3333 (Manhattanville), 212-305-7979 (Medical Center). Share name and ID number of representative. 


The University's Protection of Minors website has resources, news, training materials, legal information and mandated reports.


Read the University's policy on reporting suspected abuse and maltreatment of minors.

Webcast (30 Minutes)

There is a 30-minute, online Protection of Minors training available to all those who work with minors. Email Ursula Bollini to make arrangements to participate.

Live Training

If you are interested in a live Protection of Minors training for your group, contact