Position Management

Position numbers are used to indicate the role of an employee within the University and define a set of attributes specific to the role. Attributes of each position include the grade, title, classifications, FT/PT status and academic rank as well as a job description, and other descriptors. Position management is the process by which departments determine how jobs are defined, how many positions are needed, and what the organizational structure should look like.

How to Manage a Position

Please collaborate with your HR Business partner prior to making modifications to the attributes of a position. This ensures that positions are correctly established and any alterations are properly recorded and processed. Effective position management reflects the University’s accurate historical account of incumbent data.

To request new position numbers or update current position numbers for Officers of Administration and Support Staff, use the job description workflow in TalentLink. Instructions are available on the TalentLink Page under Job Aids.

Below are the applicable Action/Reason codes for Position Management. Enter these on the top of the PAF form to indicate the purpose of the submission. See a complete listing of Action / Reason codes.