Vacation and Personal Days

All full-time employees and certain part-time employees are provided a vacation allowance and personal days off, in addition to the University holidays. 

Note to union employees: Please consult your collective bargaining agreement for full details on paid time off.

Your Time Off

See the University Holidays Calendar for all campuses.

Personal days, Schools/Departments Following University Holiday Calendar: 3

Personal days, Medical Center Schools/Departments Following Clinical Practice Calendar: 2 + additional personal days based on clinical practice calendar for the year

In addition to University holidays, you may use personal days to observe religious holidays or for any other purpose. For Officers and Non-Union Support Staff, personal days do not accumulate; personal days must be used within 12 months of being earned.  

Bargaining unit staff are governed by the provisions of your respective bargaining agreement. Employees’ rights and obligations under applicable collective bargaining agreements are not affected by this policy. 

Holidays and Personal Days policy

All full-time officers (excluding Officers of Instruction on less than a 12-month academic calendar) are entitled to an annual paid vacation allowance of 23 working days.

After completing 20 years of service they are entitled to 28 days.

You must use your total allowance by June 30 of the year following accrual.

No more than 23 days (28 after 20 years) may be carried over each July 1.

Note: Faculty member vacations are governed by the academic calendar.

Note: For Employees hired on or after October 1, 1987.  For employees hired prior to October 1, 1987, please refer to the collective bargaining agreement.

Important Notice

University Policy

See Paid Vacation Policy for more details.

Search the Policy Library for information related to time away from work.