Fall 2020 Tuition Exemption Forms Due Sept. 18, 2020

September 02, 2020
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As a Columbia University Officer, you or your dependent(s) may be eligible to receive Tuition Exemption Benefits at Columbia University, Barnard College and Teachers College. The cost of tuition is exempt, based on your eligibility and benefits coverage; however, you are responsible for all fees and non-tuition charges related to your course(s) registration. The Tuition Exemption Checklist – Officers is a helpful guide through the process.

To receive Tuition Exemption for the Fall 2020 Term, you and/or your dependent(s) must be eligible before the first day of classes.

If you or your dependent(s) have decided to take advantage of this benefit by enrolling in classes for the Fall 2020 Term, please submit all forms before the end of the Change of Program Period: Friday, September 18, 2020.

What You Need to Know

To determine your eligibility status, number of courses covered, or to save your form to pdf, click CUBES; log in with UNI and password; click “Tuition”, select “Tuition Exemption – For Yourself” or “Tuition Exemption – For Your Dependents”.

Your Tuition Exemption form is now fillable, which allows you to complete the form online, date and save as a PDF so you can seamlessly attach and submit.

Submit your form to Student Financial Services (SFS) or Bursar’s Office. The Tuition Exemption – For Yourself or For Your Dependent eligibility form must be completed, signed and submitted to SFS on your campus to be applied to you or your dependent’s student account.

Due to Covid-19 protocols, “in person drop-off” of Tuition Exemption and Job-Related forms has been temporarily suspended. Please submit your forms via the email addresses below, with the subject line “Tuition Exemption form” or “Job-related form”:

A Reduced Employee Rate of 35% for Columbia University undergraduate and graduate courses may also be available, depending on your eligibility. To learn more, review the Tuition Exemption – Reduced Employee Rate policy

Tax Treatment

Graduate-Level Studies (Course Numbers 4000 & above) – The first $5,250 of Tuition Exemption benefits in a calendar year is exempt from taxation according to IRS regulations. Additional benefits above this limit will be treated as taxable income, unless job related.

Job-Related Graduate-Level Studies (Course Numbers 4000 & above) – To receive tax exemption for Tuition Exemption benefits above the IRS calendar year limit of $5,250, complete and submit a Job-Related Graduate Education Certification (JRGEC) form – Degree Program or for Non-Degree Program each term before the end of the Change of Program Period. Go to our Job-Related Graduate Education Certification page for more details, and employee and supervisor instructions for processing. 

Due to Covid-19 protocols, all new JRGEC forms must be submitted by your supervisor to this email: [email protected] to confirm the form has been signed and certified as job-related. 

To avoid late fees, processing delays or tax withholdings, you must submit this form before Friday, September 18, 2020.

For More Information

To learn more about:

  • Tax treatment for graduate and undergraduate courses and job-related graduate level studies – go to the Tuition home page. To avoid late fees, processing delays or tax withholdings, you must submit this form before Friday, September 18, 2020.
  • Tuition Exemption Benefits coverage and eligibility and Job-Related Graduate Education Certification – email [email protected] or call 212-851-7000.
  • Student account information or Tuition Exemption processing – email SFS  [email protected].