Pay continuation for student casual employees

March 13, 2020

Dear HR Network and FFE Timekeepers:

This is to follow up on the email from Mark Hawkins on Thursday night regarding pay continuation for student casual and federal work-study students.

If your student casual/federal-work-study student is working either on-site or remotely, please follow your normal time entry and approval processes. Given the University’s efforts to limit face-to-face interaction, please note that if your department currently uses paper timesheets, on a temporary basis for remote work situations, you may allow your students and managers to submit and approve the timesheets via email. The email record must be retained like any other timesheet.

If your student casual/federal-work-study student cannot continue to work and you are paying them under the University’s pay continuation plan, please refer to the attached document, also available on the CUHR Website.

Thank you for your dedication and support to our students and the University.


Ginny Kaplan,
Assistance Vice President, HR Operations