TalentLink is the system used at Columbia University to manage job descriptions, requisitions and applicant information for the recruitment of administrative personnel. This includes officers of administration and union and non-union support staff.

TalentLink is live for trained HR Users. Please read this Important TalentLink Information before accessing the system. Then, log in to TalentLink. 

Enter your UNI and password and then confirm your access with multi-factor authentication (DUO).


Completing the following online training is required for TalentLink system access. We recommend you view in the order listed. After you click on one of the links, you will be asked to sign in with your UNI and password. Once on the page, click the blue "Enroll" button to begin.

Now you can practice using the new TalentLink system:

This is a test system, and nothing entered into this version of TalentLink will be available in the live site.


Once you have completed the required training, fill out the TalentLink Access Request form to obtain access to the system.

Contact your Client Manager if you have any questions.

There is always someone to help if you encounter a problem or have a question regarding TalentLink. The standard TalentLink support structure is outlined below. Follow this process to help you resolve any system issues.

  • Training Videos/Job Aids – provides guidance on how to perform necessary functions in TalentLink
  • Other Users – your colleagues may be able to answer many of your questions
  • Client Manager – your Client Manager can assist with system troubleshooting, training and configurations
  • Knowledge Portal – a single point of access for training and information on the system. Created by the vendor, the knowledge portal is not specific to Columbia, but full of applicable information. Can be accessed through TalentLink. Select "Knowledge Portal" from the information button on the top right
  • Multifactor authentication (DUO) – two factor sign-in authentication that protects systems with sensitive data. When logging into TalentLink, you will be asked to enter your UNI and password, and then confirm your access using DUO. If you do not know your UNI or password, go to http://uni.columbia.edu. For further assistance with DUO or your UNI and password, please contact the CUIT Service Desk at 212-854-1919 or email askcuit@columbia.edu.