TalentLink is the system used at Columbia University to manage job descriptions, requisitions and applicant information for the recruitment of administrative personnel. This includes officers of administration and union and non-union support staff.

TalentLink is live for trained HR Users. Please read this Important TalentLink Information before accessing the system. Then, log in to TalentLink.

Enter your UNI and password and then confirm your access with multi-factor authentication (DUO).

TalentLink Updates

We are pleased to inform you that beginning Friday, August 23, 2019, the integration between TalentLink and TBH will be in place creating draft hire/rehire templates for administrative hires (officers of administration and support staff) and placing those drafts in PAC.

What is the TBH TalentLink Integration Process?
On a nightly basis, TalentLink will send data from TalentLink to PAC for each external applicant whose application status has been changed to “Hired/Initiate Onboarding” that day. The integration process will combine the data the applicant entered into the New Hire Form, and the position and salary data from TalentLink, and create a draft hire/rehire template accessible from the “Hire/Rehire Employee” page in PAC.

What Do I Need To Do?
Beginning on Thursday, August 22, 2019, when an applicant’s status in TalentLink is changed to “Hired/Initiate Onboarding”, a process will run overnight to create a draft template in PAC. The draft template can then be accessed and completed by any of the initiators in the hiring department. For example, if the status is changed on Thursday, the TBH draft is available on Friday.

Please Note: if you create a TBH transaction directly in PAC, and then the new hire’s status in TalentLink is changed to “Hired/Initiate Onboarding”, you will have a duplicate transaction in PAC. Please coordinate with the TalentLink users in your school/department to ensure you do not have duplicate transactions. After completing the TBH and submitting the transaction into workflow, if you still have another draft TBH in your queue for the same person, you can delete it. 

Tips and Key Points

  • The draft TBH will appear in all initiator queues for the hiring department, similar to the way all approval transactions appear in the Worklist.  The first person to access the template and save it will be the only one who then sees it on their page and can submit it.
  • Deleting a TalentLink-created template removes it from all initiators’ queues and cannot be retrieved. If this happens, a new template will need to be created by the initiator. (Note the exclusion for duplicate transactions above). 
  • This process is for external hires and rehires only. Internal hires (transfers) are not processed via TBH. 
  • As an HR User responsible for managing the TalentLink application, once you change the status for an external administrative hire to “Hired/Initiate Onboarding”, it is helpful to check in PAC the following day to see that the draft template appears. Note that documents do not import from TalentLink into PAC and there are also additional documents not in TalentLink required. Please coordinate with the initiator(s) in your department to confirm the draft is there and that all documents are gathered for hire/rehire.

Where Can I Access Training Materials?
Please review the PAC TBH TalentLink Integration Web-Based Training Module video.

Where do I go if I have questions?
If you have any questions, please contact the HR Service Center.

System Updates

  • U.S. Date Format - Beginning Monday, August 19, TalentLink will display dates in the month, day and year format (e.g., Aug 16, 2019).  This change will occur throughout the system, including on the offer letter templates

  • New “Notes” Section on the Offer Card - You can now add notes on the Offer Card for approvers. This is particularly important if you are offering a sign-on bonus, relocation reimbursement or other benefits. You should use this field to indicate any details being offered to the finalist that are outside of the normal salary.

  • Integration with Template-Based Hire (TBH) - Beginning next Friday, August 23, applicant and position data from TalentLink will feed into PeopleSoft (PAC) and create a draft TBH that will appear on all department initiators Hire/Rehire Employee page. The TBH will be created once the applicant’s application status is moved to “Hired/Initiate Onboarding”.

    IMPORTANT: You may put an external applicant in the “Hired/Initiate Onboarding” status in TalentLink (if the background check has been cleared) on Thursday, August 22, but if you initiate TBHs, please do not create any on that Thursday for the external applicant as it will result in duplicate TBHs in PAC. The draft TBH will be created and appear for you on Friday, August 23 through the TalentLink feed into PAC. More information and guidance will be sent next week to PAC users along with a training video.

    The following information will be sent to PAC from TalentLink.

    • Effective Date of Hire or Rehire
    • New Hire Form data (this is the form the applicant completes at the time of accepting the offer and includes social security number, legal name, home address, etc.)
    • Position data (e.g. Position Number, Title, Department, etc.)
    • Salary 

      This feed from TalentLink to PAC will only apply to external applicants (new hires/rehires) who complete the New Hire Form. A paper Personnel Action Form (PAF) will still need to be completed if the applicant is internal (i.e., transfer). In addition, please note that documents from TalentLink required to process a hire (application, resume, offer letter and offer card) will not feed into PAC automatically and will still need to be attached to the TBH. 


Please click the blue ‘Pre-Populate Req Details’ button when creating a Requisition. This will ensure the REQUIRED details from the Requisition are included on every posting. It is extremely important that this is consistently done.

System Updates

  • Position Management Requests - HRPC and CUIMC Operations will no longer decline Job Description approval in the following situations:

    • New/Revised Title Exceeds Maximum Number of Characters (30)
      • Instead of declining and sending back, title will be shortened for you.
    • Effective Date of Position Number(s) is Not Provided
      • Instead of declining and sending back, one of the following will happen:
        • If the request is to update the Position Number, they will use the date of the request as the Effective Date.

        • If the request is for a new Position Number, the first day of the current month will be used as the Effective Date. If the date used ends up not fitting the timeframe you need, you will need to submit a request to change the date through TalentLink

  • FLSA Status - the FLSA status (Exempt or Non-Exempt) for a Position Number has been added to the PAC information that is provided in the Position Number blue box.

  • Grade and Regular/Temporary - these two fields have been added to the Offer Card.

  • Internal Candidate Language on Postings - there is a now a Yes/No question on the Requisition that asks if an internal candidate has been identified. If you select yes, then after clicking on the “Pre-Populate Req Details” blue button, the standard internal candidate language will appear in the advertising text so you will not have to add it yourself. 

Please keep these in mind when using the system:

  • Always click the blue “Pre-Populate Req Details” button on your Requisitions so required details are listed on top of every job posting.
  • On the Job Description when selecting the ‘Type of Action,’ use:
    • New - when creating a position that does not currently exist in your School or Department
    • Replacement – is used when an employee vacates a position in your School and/or Department.  The same position classification is posted to replace the vacancy.  (If the duties of the position have changed to the extent that the primary duties and responsibilities no longer match the classification for the current title, or the role will differ from those of the former employee to the extent that the position may no longer be correctly classified the department should request a new or revised job description for evaluation.) *Keep in mind the “JD Approval” approval process should be utilized for Replacements.
    • Addition to Complement – when you are adding an additional Position with the exact same position attributes (title, grade, hours, etc.) of an existing position. *Keep in mind both Position Reports To and Location can be updated via Manager Self-Service after creation.
    • Update Job Description (no posting) – when you are updating the position attributes and job description for a current incumbent and do not intend to post the position.
    • Update Job Description (posting) – when you are updating the attributes and job description to post the position.
  • If using the Notes tab to add a note to a Job Description or Requisition, don’t forget to select “Email this note to” and select the user that should receive the email. If this is not done, the individual may not know you have added a note.


Completing the following online training is required for TalentLink system access. We recommend you view in the order listed. After you click on one of the links, you will be asked to sign in with your UNI and password. Once on the page, click the blue "Enroll" button to begin.

Now you can practice using the new TalentLink system:

This is a test system, and nothing entered into this version of TalentLink will be available in the live site.


Once you have completed the required training, fill out the TalentLink Access Request form to obtain access to the system.

Contact your Client Manager if you have any questions.

There is always someone to help if you encounter a problem or have a question regarding TalentLink. The standard TalentLink support structure is outlined below. Follow this process to help you resolve any system issues.

  • Training Videos/Job Aids – provides guidance on how to perform necessary functions in TalentLink
  • Other Users – your colleagues may be able to answer many of your questions
  • Client Manager – your Client Manager can assist with system troubleshooting, training and configurations
  • Knowledge Portal – a single point of access for training and information on the system. Created by the vendor, the knowledge portal is not specific to Columbia, but full of applicable information. Can be accessed through TalentLink. Select "Knowledge Portal" from the information button on the top right
  • Multifactor authentication (DUO) – two factor sign-in authentication that protects systems with sensitive data. When logging into TalentLink, you will be asked to enter your UNI and password, and then confirm your access using DUO. If you do not know your UNI or password, go to http://uni.columbia.edu. For further assistance with DUO or your UNI and password, please contact the CUIT Service Desk at 212-854-1919 or email askcuit@columbia.edu.