IPC Copay Assistance Program

IPC Copay Assistance Program

Effective January 1, 2022, Columbia University has partnered with the IPC Copay Assistance Program administered by PillarRx to reduce your costs for certain specialty high-cost medications.

Copay assistance is offered by drug manufacturers to assist in paying most, or all, of the copay applied to certain specialty high-cost medications. The Copay Assistance Program provides personal, hands-on support so that participants receive the maximum assistance available. This is a confidential program managed directly by PillarRx.

Care Team Coordinators are highly trained pharmacy technicians equipped to help you navigate this process and can be reached directly at 636-614-3126. 

Please note: If your medication is eligible under the copay assistance program and you do not enroll, you may experience a significantly higher out-of-pocket cost for any qualifying medication(s).

PillarRx can help members secure financial assistance, which may substantially reduce, or completely cover, out-of-pocket costs for qualifying specialty medication(s). Members will only be responsible for the amount returned after assistance is applied, not to exceed the existing Plan prescription benefit copayment/coinsurance. Copay Assistance Program Care Team Coordinators will provide instructions on what the expected copay responsibility will be at the point-of-sale.

Only the portion of the medication members pay themselves will count toward  deductibles and/or out-of-pocket maximums. The portion paid by the manufacturer will not count toward either one. Members may submit pharmacy receipts for copay assistance medications to PillarRx to ensure the amount members pay is credited towards out-of-pocket maximum and/or deductibles. Receipts may be emailed or mailed to PillarRx at the address below.

PillarRx Consulting
Attn: IPC Copay Assistance Coordinator
1839 Lake St. Louis Blvd
Lake St. Louis, MO 63367
[email protected]


Optum Rx

Specialty medications must be purchased via mail-order from Optum Specialty Pharmacy. Optum Specialty Pharmacy will mail your prescription in an unlabeled package to you at the address of your choice.

Call 855-427-4682 to speak to a patient care representative to get started. Typically, you will receive a 30-day supply of the prescription at the retail pharmacy copay.

Note: If you use any pharmacy other than Optum Specialty Pharmacy, you will be subject to the full cost of the medication, not a copay.