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Columbia University offers a comprehensive benefits package to support your everyday needs and life events. You might be surprised to learn how many benefits plans and resources the University provides to you and your family everyday—as well as when the unexpected happens.

Virtual Visits

A Virtual Visit lets you talk with a doctor via computer or mobile device anytime, day or night, 24/7. Virtual Visits are ideal for diagnosing and treating non-emergency issues, from fevers to colds and allergies.

You can also ask questions about COVID-19 and be screened to determine if you should go to an in-person facility.

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MY CU Benefits
MY CU Benefits

Columbia University offers a comprehensive benefits package to support your every day needs and life events: health care, retirement savings,tuition, tax savings on commuting and child care, and more. With our upgraded CU Benefits Enrollment System, CUBES, we're making it easier for you to manage your benefits. Visit CUBES today and view the new, more modern design. Use CUBES anytime to report a Qualified Life Status Change such as marriage, the birth or adoption of a child, update Retirement Savings Plan elections, change Transit and Parking elections, print Tuition Program form, and update Life Insurance Beneficiaries.

CUBES is also a place to learn about benefits programs and resources, access benefits summaries and vendor contacts, and see your current elections. CUBES is also a place to message the Columbia Benefits Service Center. And when BENEFITS OPEN ENROLLMENT comes this fall, use CUBES to access an enhanced cost estimator tool to help you choose a medical plan.

Managing your benefits is getting easier with CUBES. Your benefits is getting easier with CUBES. Learning about your benefits helps you take advantage of them.

Be on the lookout for Discover Your Benefits communications. Discover Your Benefits: Get tips on how Columbia benefits can help meet everyday needs like commuting and child care; help you and your family stay healthy; help pay for medical, dental, and vision services; help you save for the future; and much more.

Learn more so you can make informed decisions. Do more by using CUBES. Get more from your Columbia Benefits.

MY CU Benefits