Take Vacation and Time Off

Vacation and Time Away

Columbia provides holidays off for all employees. Full-time employees and certain part-time employees have additional vacation time, personal days off, and qualified absences. You account for time away based on your role and union arrangements at Columbia.  

Types of Time Off

All full-time employees and certain part-time employees are provided a vacation allowance and personal days off, in addition to the University holidays. 

Note to union employees: Please consult your collective bargaining agreement for full details on paid time off.

Holidays: See the University Holidays Calendar for all campuses. 

Personal Days: You may use personal days to observe religious holidays or for any other purpose. Personal days accrue based on your role. Learn more.

Paid Vacation: Vacation allowance for full-time and most part-time employees. Vacation days accrue based on your role. Learn more.

Other: Sick time, jury duty, bereavement (marriage and birth/adoption for certain union employees). These days do not accrue. Learn more.

Managing Your Time Off

You account for any absence based on your role and union arrangements at Columbia and make requests for time off to your supervisor. Learn more.


Important - Refer to University Policy

University Policy

See Paid Vacation Policy for more details.

Search the Policy Library for information related to time away from work.