LinkedIn Learning


Below are highlighted learning paths, with courses to help you get started with LinkedIn Learning. Check back periodically, as suggested topics will change to showcase courses best fit to accommodate our Columbia faculty & staff.


Learning Paths

Choose from the categories below to complete the entire series, or select one or more unique courses that best fit your interests -- the choice is yours!

What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning offers on-demand courses, led by industry experts. These video tutorials and resources can help you discover and develop your skills in areas such as software and technology, leadership and project management, and even mindfulness. It can also help you prepare for professional certification exams and earn continuing education credits -- plus much more!

Through your Columbia University subscription, faculty & staff have unlimited access to over 16,000 courses, available at no cost to you.

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If you need technical assistance accessing your LinkedIn Learning account, contact the CUIT Help Desk or click here for FAQ and more information.

LinkedIn Learning is limited to CU and CUIMC Faculty, Staff, and Students. Affiliates of CU do not have access under the CU subscription.

Discover Learning Challenges

  • Explore! Visit the the LinkedIn Learning Challenge page 

  • Choose your challenge

  • Begin! Each daily video or reflection takes less than 5 mins

Challenge Tips

  • Print or save the challenge calendar. Consider placing it in a location that you frequent often, such as near your computer/desk, on your fridge, or save it on your computer desktop.
  • Create a daily calendar reminder at a period of the day when you typically have down time -- that way a reminder will pop-up, triggering you to complete the day's activity.