Team Building Activities

Whether formal or informal, team-building activities can improve skills like communication and collaboration, while also boosting engagement and job satisfaction. Team building activities provide a channel for relationship building, while also reinforcing a shared team identity.

Connect with your team through these team building activities:

A Rose & A Thorn (a.k.a. - Highs & Lows)

Every person on your team has their own unique challenges and triumphs. By allotting time to discuss these feelings, you can help foster community.

Virtual Bingo

Host your next team meeting with Virtual Bingo, where you can play a traditional 1-75 game or customize your own. Free bingo cards are available, up to 30 players.

Virtual Pictionary

Host your next team meeting with Virtual Pictionary, where you can play online together. Skribble offers virtual rooms to host Pictionary with your team.

Photos of Your Life

Team members share a picture that tells a story about themselves.

Aliens Have Landed!

Aliens have landed and are interested in learning about your team - how would your team explain this?

Why use team building activities in a virtual/hybrid work environment?:

  • When workers feel lonely, isolated, or unsupported, a virtual team building activity can remind them of all the amazing people they have in their corner.
  • When workers feel their excitement slipping, a virtual team building activity can help them rekindle their passion by exposing them to enthusiasm and high energy in their co-workers.
  • When workers are craving more autonomy, a virtual team building activity can help them gain trust from their managers and peers.