I-9 Anywhere Request

I-9 Anywhere is a service available to departments when a new hire will not be in New York within 3 business days of their start date. This service allows a new hire to go in person to an I-9 Anywhere completer center, located throughout the country. The cost for this service is $65 per transaction. CUHR will invoice your department monthly based on usage. Please note that if the new hire cancels within 24 hours, or no-shows, the department will be charged the full amount for each transaction + cancellation + no-show.

To request use of I-9 Anywhere, please allow at least 48 hours to receive instructions. These instructions will be sent to the departmental requestor, not the individual new hire.

Form I-9s must be completed no later than 3 business days after the start date, and as early as 90 days in advance of the start date as long as the individual has accepted a job offer. Please plan the timing of your request and the start date of the new hire accordingly.

This option is not available to individuals within NYC. If your new hire is in NYC, regardless of whether or not they are going to work on campus, they must complete the Form I-9 on campus at one of the Campus I-9 Centers.

Departmental Requestor

New Hire Information

If you have multiple new hires who all need to use I-9 Anywhere, you may upload an Excel file here. Please include: first name, last name, start date.
Upload requirements

ChartString to be billed for I-9 Anywhere transaction(s)

If you have any questions about completing this request, please email [email protected].

Processing time for the request may be up to 2 business days.