Logins and Access Information

Directly log in to the databases and online tools that HR Managers frequently use and learn more about the systems.

Logins & Descriptions

ASR Administrative log in

Use the Academic Search and Recruiting (ASR) system to manage all job information for academic positions, including:

  • Posting job announcements/descriptions
  • Viewing submitted resumes
  • Screening and tracking applicants

The ASR system contains jobs posted after June 7, 2021.

To obtain access and training information, submit a request though Service Now.


    ARC Login

    ARC (Accounting & Reporting at Columbia) is the University’s web-based financial system, and includes modules for general accounting, procurement, project costing, and reporting.

    Requesting Access & Training

    To request access to ARC, submit a Financial Systems Security Application (FSSA) via ServiceNow. Training is required to obtain most roles in ARC.  Visit Columbia’s Finance Gateway to get more information about ARC and view Required Training for specific ARC roles.

    CUBES Login


    The CU Benefits Enrollment System is an online system for employee benefits enrollment. The system gives employees secure access to personalized information about their benefits. The site is available 24/7 from any computer with internet access. 

    The system allows employees to:

    • Enroll for benefits as a newly hired or newly benefits-eligible employee
    • Make changes to their benefits during annual Open Enrollment or when they experience a Qualified Life Status Change (i.e., marriage, divorce, birth or adoption, etc) 
    • Update retirement savings program and transit/parking elections
    • Update life insurance beneficiaries
    • View a summary of their current benefits
    • Determine their eligibility for tuition programs and print Tuition Benefit Eligibility forms to apply for tuition benefits
    • Access tools and resources to help compare medical plans and estimate costs

    Requesting Access

    Only benefits-eligible employees will have access to the CU Benefits Enrollment System. Newly hired benefits-eligible employees will only be able to access the system once they have been added in People @ Columbia (PAC). After the employee is in PAC, they will receive an automatic email from the Benefits Enrollment System notifying them to log in and enroll in benefits. A UNI (University Network Identifier) and UNI password are required to sign in. Employees will also be prompted to log in using multi-factor authentication (DUO). 

    DIA Login


    Delegated Identity Administration (DIA) is a CUIT-provided system that allows PAC Manager Self-Service users to create UNIs for individuals within his/her department.  Users can access DIA by logging into myColumbia.

    Requesting Access

    Employees with PAC Manager Self Service (MSS) access are the only indivduals who may be authorized to use DIA. In order to receive authorization, a MSS user must first attend a DIA training session or complete a DIA quiz. More information can be found in the User Guide, located on the myColumbia portal.


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    After being prompted to enter your Columbia email address, please authenticate through Single Sign-on. 

    FWS Login


    The Federal Work-Study (FWS) program is designed to promote part-time employment for students who qualify for help in financing their education. The Federal Work-Study Office provides a wide range of student career opportunities while supporting departmental needs within the University and community.

    A department that wishes to hire students through the Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program must follow the regulations of this federally funded program. The policies and procedures are described by the FWS Office on the Columbia University Federal Work-Study website.

    Key Actions:

    • Carefully review all information and requirements on the FWS program website for on-campus employers
    • Request an FWS allocation from the Office of the Provost. If the allocation is granted, both you and the FWS Office will be notified of the allocation and the amount.
    • On the FWS website under the link for On-Campus Employers, request log-in permission and complete the User profile
    • Create and post job listings in the FWS online system
    • Only allow the student to begin work once the hire has been approved and notification received from the FWS Office

    Note: Work-Study student employees should not be confused with student officers of instruction and research who receive an academic appointment. 


    GIS login


    The General Information System (GIS) is an online system for processing background checks and drug screenings for hiring candidates. GIS is used by Central Human Resources and Department Administrators/HR Managers to:

    • Initiate a background check
    • Initiate a drug screening
    • Track and review applicants

    Requesting Access & Training

    Contact your designated HR Client Manager to obtain access. Your HR Client Manager will send you training materials on how to use the system.

    Related Document

    GIS Background Check Policy Guidelines

    MyColumbia login


    MyColumbia is a portal to enable University faculty and staff to access the information and password-protected resources they need quickly and easily in one central place. MyColumbia creates a customized layout with content and services based on an employee's role at the University. For instance, all faculty and staff will see a page where they can view paychecks, update personal information, and perform related tasks. However, only authorized administrators will see links to financial applications.

    Requesting Access

    In order to access MyColumbia, newly hired employees must first be entered into the PAC system. A UNI (University Network Identifier) and UNI password are required to sign in. Employees will also be prompted to log in using multi-factor authentication (DUO).

    PAC Login

    "PAC" is the acronym that stands for People @ Columbia which is the Human Resources system that integrates and processes all Human Resources, Benefits and Payroll transactions for Columbia University.

    Requesting Access and Training

    Faculty and Staff (except Zero Salary employees) receive access to Employee Self-Service in PAC without having to submit an application.

    To request access to roles other than Employee Self-Service, speak with your manager to confirm what roles are needed and submit the PAC Security Application located in Service Now.  You will then receive additional notifications regarding your access and if you need to complete any required training.  View the PAC Roles and Training tour for an overview of the required training per PAC role as well as recommended training courses.

    Learn more about PAC

    RASCAL login


    Columbia University's Research Compliance and Administration System (RASCAL) is a web-based application developed to simplify the University's research compliance and research administration processes. It is designed to help researchers and administrators manage ongoing research projects and related compliance activities at Columbia University.

    Requesting Access

    Any Columbia University employee who has a Columbia UNI may use RASCAL. If you need special administrative access, you should access the "Administration" section of the RASCAL website to find out more about requesting additional access.

    For more information, email [email protected].


    TalentLink Login

    The TalentLink system is where you post job announcements for administrative and support staff positions online. TalentLink is used for:

    • Posting jobs
    • Viewing resumes
    • Screening and tracking applicants

    Requesting Access & Training

    To obtain access and training information, contact your designated HR Client Manager.

    VNDLY login


    VNDLY (replacing TAMS) is the online tool for managing temporary staff at Columbia. Use VNDLY to:

    • Review temporary assignment information
    • Approve timesheets
    • Run reports

    Requesting Access to VNDLY

    To request access to VNDLY or to learn more about hiring temporary staff, please call the Temporary Staffing Office at 212-851-1414 or email [email protected].