Paid Family Leave Employee Cover Letter and Waiver

The PFL-Waiver Form and Cover Letter is a required new hire document for employees who may be eligible to waive PFL. As such, it must be attached to the hire/rehire TBH transaction or PAF.

All new hires who may be eligible to waive must complete either the cover letter (which acknowledges receipt of the option to waive) or the PFL waiver form (which will exclude them from the payroll deduction).

The PFL Cover Letter and PFL Waiver should be provided to the following employees at the time of hire:

  • Casuals (Student and Non-Student)
  • Federal Work-Study Students
  • Student Officers
  • Variable Hours Officer
  • Part-time employees whose standard hours are less than 20 per week
  • Employees who work more than 20 hours per week, but have a total work expectancy of less than 26 weeks