Best in Flex

Helping Employees Succeed in a Remote/Hybrid Work Environment

The following information can serve as a catalyst to start conversations between key members of your team -- including senior leaders, managers, and individual contributors. The goal in implementing these ideas, is to help strengthen the Columbia culture, while building infrastructure to support all levels of employees, as we continue to move into a more flexible/hybrid future of work. 

These best practice ideas are particularly useful to support new hires and early career employees.

Common Issues Employees Encounter


This information is adapted from the work of employees in Columbia Technology Ventures (CTV), in December 2021, which was inspired by the NY Times article, Remote Work is Failing Young Employees. 

Orin Herskowitz asked his team in CTV to discuss the challenges they faced in onboarding, connecting to Columbia culture, and accessing mentorship opportunities in the context of their hybrid/remote work environment. The team articulated the set of issues listed in the chart, and proposed ways to address these challenges.

Key to this approach was getting employee feedback and employee generated solutions. Another primary element of success is investment from leadership and top-level modeling in order to make these practices a part of school/unit/departmental culture.

Adapted from work by:

  • Orin Herskowitz
  • Amelia Pacht
  • Carter Schmitt
  • Majd Shammout 
  • Alexander Turo