Domestic Partnerships

The only qualifying Domestic Partnerships, including Same Sex Domestic Partnerships, will include those whose coverage was effective on or before January 1, 2023 or, in limited circumstances, in instances where an employee can demonstrate that the employee or their domestic partner reside in a country or jurisdiction where their marriage is prohibited and/or persecuted, or can demonstrate an equally compelling reason for an exception to the normal policy, as determined by the sole discretion of the plan administrator.

If you were hired on or before January 1, 2023, and you can demonstrate that you had a same-sex domestic partnership prior to January 1, 2023, then your same-sex domestic partner – and/or their dependent child(ren) – are still eligible for tuition benefits only as defined in the policies and applicable collective bargaining agreements.

A qualifying same-sex domestic partner is:

  • At least 18 years old;
  • Not related to you by blood;
  • Not legally married to another person;
  • Of the same gender;
  • Each other's sole domestic partner and intend to remain so indefinitely;
  • Not domestic partner of someone else;
  • Shares the same principal residence with you full-time and has done so continuously for the past 24 months;
  • Shares financial responsibilities with you, such as co-ownership of property and joint financial accounts;
  • Has power of attorney.