Your Performance

Your Performance

After starting your job, your manager should meet with you to discuss your role, general performance expectations and goals for the coming months. The University's schools and departments employ various methods and tools for providing feedback, so a discussion with your manager will help you understand the specific practices for discussing performance in your work area.

Throughout the year, you should have regular discussions with your manager, and consider ways you can help contribute to projects and goals. In general, the annual performance review process follows the fiscal year end. This is your opportunity to discuss your overall performance, identify skills and competencies you should continue to strengthen within your current role, establish goals for the following year, and address any concerns or request additional guidance and support.

It is important that you and your manager review performance goals and discuss performance progress periodically to ensure timely and relevant feedback.

Your performance-focused discussion may include the following topics:
  • School/department mission, goals, competencies and performance metrics
  • Frequent tasks to be completed as part of your role
  • Ad-hoc and/or periodic projects you will be involved in
  • Expectations for work projects and level of decision-making authority
  • Resources for each project including timeline for key deliverables
  • Process for informally and/or formally reviewing your performance
  • Planned team and individual one-on-one meetings
  • Recommendations for professional development (in-person workshops and online content)

Review the Performance Management and Appraisal policy for more details. Note: The performance review process varies by department.