Retirement and Financial Savings Calculators

Use these handy calculators to estimate your income needs in retirement and plan for the future. 

Note: Some links require a log in to TIAA or Vanguard websites.

Retirement Calculator
Retirement Income Calculator

Determine how much income you'll need in retirement. The calculator estimates your monthly retirement needs based on your income and adjusts for estimated taxes and inflation for the period of your retirement.

Next egg calculator
Retirement Nest Egg Calculator

Answer a few questions to view a long-term projection of your retirement nest egg and recommendations to grow your investments. Move a sliding scale to make changes and view the impact on your finances.

Goals Calculators
Goals Calculator

What are your financial goals? Use these calculators to help you plan for starting a business, buying a home, traveling, preparing for your children's education, investing for retirement, and creating an emergency fund.

Paycheck Calculator
Paycheck Calculator

See how making small increases in contributions to your retirement plans from your regular paycheck will pay off in the end without significantly cutting into your monthly income.

Healthcare Calculator
Healthcare Calculator

Do you know how much healthcare will cost you in retirement? Estimate your future healthcare costs and learn how to plan for unexpected expenses.

Investment Calculators
Investment Calculators

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned investor, you need tools to help make smart financial decisions. These calculators help you find the right mix of funds, compare and contrast investments, and analyze stocks.