Workplace Accommodations

Faculty and staff with permanent or temporary medical conditions may have a spectrum of needs that can be addressed by the CUHR Leave Management Office. 

The Office of Leave Management provides the following services to support faculty and staff with permanent or temporary medical conditions:

  • Arrange permanent or temporary accommodations in an employee's workplace
  • Assist employees in understanding the medical leave policies, benefits and documentation they may need to submit
  • Ease their transition from a medical leave back to work at the University
  • Be a resource on disability-related issues in the workplace

Requesting Workplace Accommodation

Whether an employee is returning from a medical leave, has a chronic condition, or needs an accommodation for a temporary injury or the effects of a medical procedure, the CUHR Leave Management Office can coordinate with the employee's department, when appropriate, to get them what they need. If an employee needs a workplace accommodation, please have the employee submit a Request for Reasonable Accommodation form and a Disability Release form to CUHR Leave Management. The employee can also contact the office for a confidential consultation.

University policies conform to the provision of the Americans With Disabilities Act.