Now’s the Time: Create Your Student’s College List

September 12, 2023
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Start Building Your College List Now

Is your student wondering how to find colleges to apply to that will be the best fit for their preferences, needs, and goals? Your Bright Horizons College Coach® benefit can help. Our experts will help you and your student create a customized college list — all you have to do is visit the portal and submit a questionnaire to get started.

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What Does the College List Service Include?

When you leave it to the pros, you’ll get personalized guidance from one of our experts — all former senior admissions officers. They will:

  • Review your student’s academic performance and individual preferences
  • Hand select 25-30 recommended schools that meet your student’s criteria
  • Include a mix of reach, possible, and probable schools
  • Go over the list with you and answer questions about the selection process

Please note: to create your student’s list, we require a transcript that includes first semester grades and standardized test scores from junior year.

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What Employees Are Saying

“I think this is an awesome service. I used it for my son, who is now a freshman in college, and it gave me an opportunity to speak to an expert and discuss strategies and approaches to the college search process. The college list was extremely helpful. I used email for quick questions, but also liked having the opportunity to speak to a consultant live during the search process.”