Reappointment Rosters in PAC: Summer 2023

March 24, 2023

The online PAC summer rosters to reappoint part-time faculty and student officers on the Morningside campus will open around Monday, April 17.

What is New?

The below updates were made to the online page and to the process to enhance your viewing and usability. You will:

  • receive an email when the roster is processed in PAC and to remember to set up the salary distribution for the employee,
  • see the header describing the term(s) rather than an exact end date. E.g., Summer 2023 instead of 6/1/2023 – 8/31/2023.

You will receive a communication with additional details and due dates. 

What Do I Need to Do?

To learn how to access, submit, and approve rosters in PAC, access the Reappointment Rosters in PAC course in the Enterprise Learning Management System (ELM). Visit the course link and sign in with your UNI and password. Then select the “Launch” button for the module(s) to view. If you have already viewed a module, click the drop-down arrow next to View Results to relaunch the content.

Initiators should complete the Initiator module. Approvers should complete both the Initiator and Approver modules. 


If you have any questions, please contact the HR Service Center. You can submit a ticket or call them at 212-851-2888.