Virtual Care Supports Maternal and Women's Health

Maven provides free, 24/7 virtual support for women enrolled in a Columbia medical plan.

December 01, 2022
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Columbia provides free on demand support services to women and their covered dependents enrolled in a medical plan via Maven. Maven provides free, 24/7 virtual support for preconception, fertility, adoption, surrogacy, pregnancy, postpartum, returning to work after parental leave. A Care Advocate is available 24/7 and will:

  • Guide you through your journey with personalized and continuous support.
  • Make referrals to in-person care such as specialists and facilities
  • Direct you to educational resources and community support resources that include on demand live member classes.

Maven services are available while you are on the following journeys:

  • Pre-conception – Thinking about having a family
  • Fertility (IUI/IVF) options
  • Adoption/Surrogacy with use of the Maven Wallet app
  • Pregnancy/Maternity
  • Postpartum and Newborn support
  • Pregnancy Loss
  • Partner track

How to Sign Up:

  • Go to -or-
  • Register by downloading the Maven Clinic App (Apple Android)Sign up with your personal e-mail.  You will be prompted to authenticate using your Columbia University e-mail.

Webinar on Pediatric Mental Health 

December 7, 2022
12:00 PM - 12:45 PM

The past few years have certainly been stressful for everyone–including for children. Columbia University's benefit partner, Maven, is hosting an upcoming webinar on Pediatric Mental Health to address your questions and discuss ways that we can best support our children’s wellbeing.

Note: While this webinar is open to all Columbia University employees, Columbia’s current Maven program does not offer further support on Parenting and Pediatrics.