Managing Long-Term Disability Leaves

A long-term disability (LTD) leave of absence is available following a medical leave of six months or longer and requires an application process through the University’s LTD insurance provider.


All full-time Officers of Administration are automatically covered under the Basic LTD Insurance plan at no cost. Officers may elect to buy additional coverage under the Optional LTD insurance plan.

Note: Officers of Instruction/Research/Libraries: please contact the Leave Management Office.

Benefit Description

Long Term Disability (LTD) benefits replace a portion of the Officer's income if they become ill or injured and cannot work. Officers may apply for LTD benefits when experiencing a work-related or non-work related injuries or illness that are expected to extend beyond six months. The Cigna LTD Summary Plan brochure describes the benefit in greater detail. 

Requesting a Leave of Absence

The below steps are applicable to Officers of Administration only. Officers of Instruction/Research/Libraries should contact New York Life at 1-800-644-5567 to initiate a claim.

Approximately 30 calendar days prior to the completion of 26 weeks of disability, a New York Life LTD claims manager will reach out to the employee directly to review any eligible LTD benefits. The Cigna claims manager will work directly with the employee and the physician to transition to LTD. LTD benefit questions can be directed to New York Life at 1-800-644-5567. Once a claim has been initiated, an Officer can expect the following:

  1. The Departmental HR contact will receive an email from CUHR Leave Management requesting the employee’s job description
  2. The CUHR Leave Management Office will coordinate necessary information with New York Life
  3. If approved, New York Life will issue the LTD Confirmation via email to the Departmental HR contact which includes the effective date of the LTD. Please attach this confirmation to the leave PAF 
  4. New York Life will coordinate with the employee and their physician throughout the LTD leave and will provide any update notifications to the Departmental HR contact via email
  5. If not approved, New York Life will issue the LTD notice via email to the Departmental HR contact. Please contact the Leave Management Office for further guidance

If the employee is considering returning to work, please have them contact the CUHR Leave Management Office.

Useful Tools & Information

Employees may continue their benefits if on an approved LTD leave. 

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PAF Codes for Processing Leave Transactions

Any questions regarding benefits eligibility or procedures should be addressed to CUHR Leave Management.