Foreign National Information System (FNIS) live to all new hires

July 16, 2020
HR Network

In January 2019, the CU HRPC team implemented the Foreign National Information System (FNIS), a secure, online international tax compliance software. The first phase—allowing foreign nationals to receive their 1042-S tax form electronically—was a success. 

We are now ready for the second phase: launching FNIS to all new foreign national hires. 

Because FNIS is used to gather visa and other information, it is replacing the paper-based Foreign National Information Form (FNIF). Effective immediately, the paper FNIF will no longer be used. 

What you need to do
Beginning today, do not give the paper FNIF to new hires or submit it with new hire paperwork. 

  • After new hires are entered in PAC, they will receive an email with login instructions.
  • New hires will submit their personal and immigration data electronically.
  • The information submitted will be used to determine their tax status and tax treaty eligibility.

We are excited for this second phase to go live. FNIS will greatly improve communication with our foreign national students and employees, and reduce the time needed to process international tax records.

If you have any questions, please contact the HR Service Center at 212-851-2888 or online at