New Student Hire Template

July 28, 2023

Beginning Monday, July 31, 2023, a new one-page student appointment/hire template will be available in PAC. 

What is New

New hire student officer appointments and student casuals will be entered into PAC using the Student Appointment/Hire template. Utilizing information from the Student Information System (SIS), the simplified template allows for student hire transactions to process more quickly. Following the entry of the student’s UNI and DOH, information populates from SIS into the template to review and edit as needed as well as add missing information specific to the hire, including the salary distribution, all on one page.

Key Points

  1. This template is only for new student hires who do not have a PAC record. If the student has a PAC record, TBH must be used.
  2. The hire template menu item will be visible in the HR Transactions menu prior to Monday, July 31st as the module undergoes its final check. Please do not utilize the template until Monday, July 31st as any entries prior to this date will be deleted.
  3. Ensure that all data is complete and accurate, and all required documents have been attached.
  4. For student officers, the template follows the revised student officer workflow introduced in 2022 that removed GSAS, Provost Office and Academic Appointments approval. 
  5. Additional compensation is not included in the template. If you need to set up an add comp or adjust the salary distribution, you can do so in the PAC modules once the student is hired in PAC.

Training and Resources

  • Access the PAC Student Hires Template training module to see the new template and how it is completed, submitted, and approved. Sign in with your UNI and password and then click the “LAUNCH” button next to the module. For more information on all hiring template fields, refer to the TBH training modules.
  • Reference the Required Documents for Hire/Rehire Transactions for a listing of required documents to attach to student template hires and TBH hire/rehires. The reference has been expanded to include the listing for student casuals and student officers.
  • Review the Student Officer TBH Workflow for the approval path for student officer hires.
  • These job aids are also accessible from the training course Launch page.


If you have any questions, please contact the HR Service Center where you can log an incident or request a service or contact them at 212-851-2888.