Current Retiree - Officers Medical Benefits Age 65 and Over

If you are age 65 or older when you retire, Medicare will be your primary medical coverage. You are also eligible for a number of supplemental options, in addition to basic Medicare. Via Benefits will assist you in selecting a plan that will best suit your needs.

How It Works: Medicare and Supplemental Insurance

If you are 65 or older and no longer participate in a University-provided Officer medical plan for active Officers, Medicare will be your primary insurance coverage. Medicare Parts A and B cover basic hospital and outpatient care.

In addition, if you choose to purchase supplemental insurance (Part C or Medigap) for you and your eligible dependent(s) or prescription drug coverage (Part D), you have several options from which to choose. These options are available to you through Via Benefits.

Medicare Parts A and B

The primary medical plan option is Medicare. You become eligible for Medicare when you turn age 65.* The basic Medicare plan covers hospitalization (Part A) and physicians appointments and other outpatient needs (Part B). Please contact Via Benefits for assistance with enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Plan to offer Medicare Part C & Part D coverage.

*You do not have to enroll in Medicare until you no longer have active coverage through Columbia University.

Via Benefits

Medicare-eligible Officer retirees and their Medicare-eligible spouses can access medical and prescription drug coverage through Via Benefits.

Columbia University has partnered with Via Benefits to offer participants a wide selection of health care plans including lower cost options with coverage comparable to the current retiree medical UnitedHealthcare plans.

Learn more about Via Benefits.