Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance can help provide your pets with the best medical care possible, including treatments, surgeries, lab fees, X-rays and prescriptions. Policyholders can visit any licensed veterinarian, veterinary specialist or animal hospital in the world, and have access to a 24/7 helpline staffed by licensed veterinarians.

The University's Pet Insurance is provided by Nationwide.

How it works

  • You pay for coverage with payroll deductions
  • Cost does not increase with pet age or breed
  • Each pet is issued an individual policy
  • After $250 deductible, plan reimburses you for 90% of eligible vet bills
  • Maximum benefit amount $7,500 is restored every year
  • Take policy with you if you end University employment

If you have questions or wish to enroll in this benefit, call Farmington, the University’s Voluntary Benefits administrator: 866-494-4498.

More Information 

Insure Your Best Friend video:

Pet Insurance
Sometimes you need to say no to your pet.

No, Otis, no!"

"Neh, eh, eh, eh, eh!"

"No, no, no, no, no!"

"Princess, no!"

But never say no when it comes to their health. In the Nation, pets are part of the family. They do so much for us. So return the favor by staying healthy together. Because when pets are healthy, we're all happier. They keep our happy hormones up, and our stress levels down. At Nationwide, we aim to do the same. Making it as easy as possible for you to always say yes. Yes to helpful tips that keep you and your pet healthy and happy. Yes to straightforward coverage options and simple signup. Yes to always know when your pet will get the best health care available no matter what.

So say yes!