Identity Theft Protection

Prevent Identity theft get help to recover stolen I.D.

Identity Theft insurance covers expenses incurred to restore your identity or recover a stolen wallet. This benefit includes 24/7 monitoring of your identity, credit, and bank and investment accounts—sending out real time alerts when necessary—to take the worry and hassle out of combating identity theft and related fraud.

The University's Identity Theft protection is provided by LifeLock.

How it works

  • Pay for coverage with payroll deductions. 
  • You, your spouse and eligible children can be covered (unique to the University's plan)
  • In case of identity theft, the plan pays up to $1,000,000 as stolen funds reimbursement, coverage for lawyers and experts and/or personal expense compensation.
  • Take policy with you if you end University employment.

More Information

LifeLock with Norton video:

LifeLock Identity Theft Protection
Today's digital world has a dark side. Everyday things like shopping, banking and even browsing online can expose personal information and make employees vulnerable to cybercriminals. There's a victim of identity theft every 2 seconds. Of the identity theft victims who contacted the ID Theft Resources Center in 2018:

32% felt that the incident caused problems for them at their place of employment (either with their boss or coworkers).

42% noted that as a result of their identity theft,they are in debt.

85% felt worried, angry and frustrated because of their identity theft.

We believe that even though the digital world can be threatening, employees should feel safer. So as cybercrime has evolved, we've evolved too. LifeLock with Norton Benefits Plans. LifeLock has added the power of Norton to create an employee benefit that's easy-to-use protection against today's new threats. This benefit includes:

Identity Theft Protection
Device Security
Password Manager
Dark Web Monitoring

Using new LifeLock with Norton benefit plans is easy. Sign Up. It only takes a few minutes to install. We can scan & alert. If we detect a potential threat to your identity, we alert you by text, email or phone. We defend. With Norton Security you get protection against cybercriminals stealing personal information from your devices. We resolve. If you become a victim of identity theft we'll work to fix it. We reimburse. We'll reimburse funds stolen due to identity theft up to the limit of your plan. It's all backed up by our million dollar protection package.

LifeLock. Having protection for your identity and devices shouldn't be an option, it should be a benefit. Enroll Today