Emergency Travel Assistance

Travel Assistance

When you are covered under the University's Basic Term Life Insurance Plan from Cigna, you and your eligible dependents are also covered for Emergency Travel Assistance—Cigna Secure Travel—when traveling 100 or more miles from home or when traveling in a foreign country for up to 180 days. Travel can be personal or work-related.

Note: J-1 visa holders will be covered for Emergency Travel Assistance through ACE Chubb.  

Emergency Travel Assistance can be for situations as serious as needing evacuation from a foreign country to something as simple as visa information. Find help during travel emergencies in the U.S. and abroad.

See Cigna Secure Travel Flyer


  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • 24-hour multilingual assistance
  • Pre-trip planning services, including travel outside of the U.S.
  • Medical and prescription drug assistance
    • Medical referrals
    • Locating medical care
    • Medical insurance coordination
  • Emergency transportation
    • Emergency evacuation when adequate medical facilities are not available locally
    • Family or friend travel arrangements
  • Travel assistance
    • Provide assistance with emergency credit card and ticket replacement
    • Provide assistance with emergency passport replacement
  • Assistance with lost or stolen items
  • Repatriation of remains
  • Emergency cash – Advance of up to $1,500 with confirmation of reimbursement
  • Personal security
    • Latest information on social or political unrest
    • Legal referrals to local attorneys, embassies and consulates
    • Weather and health hazards
    • Security evacuation services