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Sufficient sleep is a known factor in good health and wellbeing. Yet, according to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than one-third of American adults are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis. The good news is it’s possible to get the rest you need. Health professionals can diagnosis and treat a wide range of sleep disorders, from insomnia to sleep-walking to surviving a snoring partner. 


Columbia Doctors Sleep Resources

The importance of sleep for children and adolescents is now well recognized. If your child is having a problem with sleep, early diagnosis and treatment can improve many important health and developmental issues, including behavior, memory, academic functioning, mood, and long-term health.

Our Pediatric Sleep Disorders Center is dedicated exclusively to the care of children and adolescents who have sleep problems. 

Conditions Treated

  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Central sleep apnea or hypoventilation
  • Insomnia (sleeplessness)
  • Parasomnias
  • Night terrors
  • Sleepwalking (somnambulism)
  • Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Sleep schedule abnormalities
  • Restless legs syndrome
  • Behavioral sleep problems


  • Sleep Consultation
  • Sleep Laboratory
  • Polysomnogram
  • Multiple sleep latency test (MSLT)
  • Complex respiratory disorder evaluations


To make an appointment at any of our locations call 212-305-2406.

The Sleep Clinic and Sleep Lab
NewYork-Presbyterian/Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital

3959 Broadway, CHC 7-701
New York, NY 10032

Westside Sleep Clinic
ColumbiaDoctors Westside 

21 West 86 Street
New York, NY 10024

The Sleep Clinic and Sleep Lab 
32 Strawberry Hill Ct, Suite 11
Stamford, CT 06902

At Columbia Otolaryngology, we understand the frustration and health risks that come with having a sleep problem such as sleep apnea or snoring. We will work closely with you to understand and treat your particular sleep issue, so you can get the rest you need. 

We take a multi-disciplinary approach to all sleep disorders to obtain the information we need to find the right treatment for you.

Our Expertise

  • Sleep apnea
  • Snoring
  • Insomnia
  • Restless leg syndrome

Treatment Options

  • Snoreplasty
  • Somnoplasty
  • Turbinectomy
  • Nasal CPAP and Bi-level PAP
  • Oral mandubular advancement device
  • Uvillopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP)
  • Maxillomandibular osteotomy

Call to Make an Appointment

Adult: 212-305-8555

Columbia Otolaryngology offers both midtown and uptown Manhattan locations.

Our experienced neurologists and specially-trained sleep disorders team utilize various testing modalities to effectively diagnosis and treat a wide range of both common and complex sleep disorders. These tests can be divided into two categories:

In-Center Sleep Testing

  • Polysomnography (Sleep Test)
  • Video-EEG monitoring
  • Multiple Sleep Latency Testing (MSLT; "Nap Test")
  • Maintenance of Wakefulness (MWT)
  • Polysomnography with Titration
  • Dim Light Melatonin Assay (DLMO)

Out-of-Center Sleep Testing

  • Home Sleep Test
  • Home Sleep Test with EEG
  • Actigraphy
  • Sleep Diary

Make an Appointment

Call 646-426-3876 (646-42-NEURO), Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Columbia University Irving Medical Center
The Neurological Institute of New York
710 West 168th Street
New York, NY 10032

Sleep Tips

  • Make sleep a priority
  • Design your bedroom in a way that helps you sleep
  • Give your brain a break from phone, computer and TV screens before bedtime
  • Find your magic number: Go to bed 15 minutes earlier each night until you wake up feeling refreshed, then stick with that bedtime

One more stat: More than 90% of Americans attribute their mattress to a good or bad night’s sleep—evaluate yours.

Go to the Office of Work-Life's Sleep Health page for more.


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Difficulty Sleeping

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